Chewy Affiliate Program Unedited Transcript

Chewy is a website. That’s all about pets. Before I continue, I want to let you know that I have a complete write-up on my website,

[00:00:08] If you want to learn more about the chewy affiliate program, but let’s go ahead and continue. Yes, chewy does have an affiliate program, and you can make a decent amount if you position it the right way. Currently, they are working. And as you can see here, you can make $15 for a new customer down here at the bottom 15-day cookie window.

[00:00:29] It’s only available in the contiguous United States. So now that’s something significant to note you only your target market, your target area is the United States and not really anyone else outside of it. Free shipping over orders, $49 or more, 30% off. First auto-ship purchase. So for affiliates, you can see $15 per new customer.

[00:00:53] That is very interesting. The average cart value is $60. It says one of the cool things with these affiliate networks is that they give you a ton of information if done the right way. For example, the earnings per click are $42. Seven days. So that’s pretty good. But now that we have an idea of the affiliate program let’s talk about the best ways to promote it.

[00:01:15] In my opinion, the best way to promote the dog or healthcare niche, the dog or pet niche I should say is if you really niche down, it is. It will be too difficult if you try and create content for dogs. So what you may want to do is try and create content for individual dog types. That’s going to enable you to niche down far enough where you can build a target audience.

[00:01:41] You know, it’s going to be easier to do than just talking about pets. For example, who jumped over to a website called? Now gives us an idea of how competitive a topic is when you enter a keyword or keyword phrase. For example, if we go over to keywords Explorer, now this is a paid tool. You don’t have to use it.

[00:01:59] I like to use it to make my life a little bit easier. I would type in pets. They’re going to see it’s really competitive, super hard. ADA. If we type in the dog, we’ll type in a dog. And it’s 86. So still very difficult. What I think you should do is you can type or search for a different individual type of dog.

[00:02:18] So let’s find a dog breed here. We type dog breeds. That’s only 60. So as you can see there, there’s some opportunity there. If we click on matching terms, you’ll see that there are. 1.5 million people in 66,000 keywords or dog breeds. If we clicked on dog breeds, that’s going to give us different dog breeds.

[00:02:38] Hopefully, if we scroll down here, we’ll be able to find a website. What we can do is we can find dogs. Let’s see, let’s click on this one. And hopefully, this opens up into a new tab. I will click on this one, and we’re just going to find a dog breed. No, I had a Doberman pincher growing up, so I’m always partial to those guys.

[00:02:59] Let’s see if we can find it real quick here—a Doberman pincher. So we copy real quick on this first, and then we’ll copy and paste it right into a trust. So we’ll copy this. Let’s see. And we will paste him there. And we’re going to go back up, and we’re going to paste the sentence. So as you can see to it’s not easy, but it will be much easier than trying to compete on pets.

[00:03:24] And we go to matching terms. You can see if we sort the keyword difficulty look at this one, Doberman pincher. Zero keyword difficulty volume 7.9. So does the keyword difficulty basically means how difficult it could be for a new site to rank. And so, it would be relatively easy. Now, obviously, you want to make sure that you go through and do the rest of your research. Still, if we go to keyword difficulty and set this to a max of five, the keyword difficulty is on a sliding scale from zero to 100. 100 will be impossible for a small site.

[00:03:54] 100 is going to be. 100, it’s gonna be impossible for a small site. Zero should be relatively easy, but if we look at 547 keywords, the total volume 31,000. So if you could. 10% of that. You’re still looking at about 3000 pages per month, which is really good. And you can make a lot of money. So what you could do is go through and create content and then refer people over to chewy.

[00:04:19] If you wanted to make $15 per sale for different products you know they need, maybe you want to promote exclusively dog toys or harnesses or whatever the option is to go into these individual products. For example, we’ll click. Okay. Toys. And we can, we can click on this.

[00:04:40] We’ll copy it and paste it right into YouTube and see people are creating content on these toys. I don’t believe it or not. People are going to copy this entire thing here. Jump over to YouTube. Okay.

[00:04:56] And they are. So they may paste it in. So I’m just going to paste this in, and actually, it’s get rid of three-pack, and I’m gonna hit.

[00:05:06] If we scroll down here, as you can see, people are creating content, product reviews, product reviews, 21 subscribers. This got 31 views. It’s only 51 seconds. We scroll down here. People are creating content. These are actually YouTube short videos, 5,254 views, 35 subscribers. So there’s opportunity. If you do reviews on dog toys, buy the toy for your dog.

[00:05:31] Let him play with it, record it, and then upload it. Look at these 225 views, 3,300 subscribers, minute 48 minute 46, 2-minute videos. So you can see those are two good opportunities and everything you can do is promote right over on to. Tic TAC has a huge dog pet population. So that’s going to be an opportunity as well as you can see, you can blog, you can YouTube.

[00:05:56] There’s a lot of opportunity in the pet niche, as long as you knit niche down. Again, don’t just talk about dogs. Talk about individual dog types. Breathe. Things of that nature. And that’s where you’re going to find your areas of opportunity. If you want it to, you could pick. Let’s see if we scroll down here. If you want to, what you can do is you could pick three or four dog types and create content on those different dog types.

[00:06:20] And you could build a huge, massive following. Just talking about those dog types. As you can see, the Doberman pincher, head something crazy like 300,000 page views per month, you could do this. Any and every one of these dogs, let’s see if we get, find let’s do English setter, but as you can see, there’s tons of opportunity here.

[00:06:40] We’re again, we’re just going to copy it. We’re going to go right over to a truss.

[00:06:49] All right. So as you can see, there are 56,000 monthly searches for the English setter, 4,000 keywords. Suppose we go over to the overview medium. So it’s going to be relatively easy to start writing content or creating content. Now, what you can do is you could go to matching. And you can start doing YouTube videos on all of these English setter puppies.

[00:07:14] You can talk about the different let’s copy this and see what they’re saying about it. So we’re going to copy this, jump back over here, paste that in, and let’s see there are some images you can You can give breed information. If we jump over to YouTube and we paste that in here.

[00:07:35] You can see people are basically doing the same thing. 257,000 views, 5.1, 1 million subscribers, 1.4 or 5,000 subscribers, 40,000 views. I always like to point out the small subscribers to show you that anybody can do this. You don’t have to be a large brand where you have—millions of subscribers.

[00:07:56] You can be a teeny tiny channel like this and have 40,000 views. So there is tons of opportunity. And again, what you’d want to do is. A pet, but then niche down and then promote a product over on. You can promote a product over on chewy or a series of products. You can talk about your dog and then add up to the links in the description that will be relevant to your dog.

[00:08:20] For example, with the Doberman pincher example that I use, they’re going to need different types of leashes, collars, and harnesses. You know, something that’s a tiny dog makes sure that you pick relevant products, and then you can start earning a commission. This video helped you out. Be sure to like subscribing to the bell so that you’re notified when I upload a brand new video.